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Practical Information for Mobil Students


This info package has been prepared with a view to to help you with your Erasmus + Erasmus  application procedure and to discover and to have an idea about Siirt so that you can prepare yourself for your journey if you decide to be an exchange student at Siirt University.

 If you want  to study at Siirt University please check the course catalog and contact with your coordinator for the application procedures.


We require that a formal nomination is sent to us by the International/Erasmus office of your institution before any application can be reviewed.


 All Erasmus incoming student correspondences should be sent to or faxed to +90 484 223 20 86. Once we receive your application form we will contact you in due course to let you know whether your application has been approved by the relevant department. 

Please note that if you fax or email your application to us we will still need the original documents (application form, accommodation form and learning agreement) to be sent to us by post.  These forms can be found at our website.


Application Deadlines:


1st Semester : 30th June

2nd Semester: 30th November


What happens next?


All applications received before the deadlines will be sent to the relevant departments for acceptance.  Once your documents have been approved you will be sent an acceptance letter. 




The university provides hostels for incoming Erasmus students.


Medical Insurance 


If you own an insurance card (which most EU countries provide their students) this will cover your NECESSARY AND URGENT healthcare free-of-charge.  However it is recommended that all students have supplementary travel insurance from their home country.  (Necessary and urgent does not include dentistry work and charges for non-urgent work are very reasonable)


Please note: Students from non-EU countries should take out an insurance package arranged to cover a sum of at least 30.000 Euros. 


Visa and Residence Permit 


Please contact the Turkish Embassy based in your country to find out what the requirements are for an entrance visa for your travel to Turkey.


You are required to apply for a residence permit in person at the Siirt Police Station within a month of your arrival to Siirt. You will be provided with the necessary documents on arrival.


Please Note: Extension of permits must be applied for no later than 15 days of the expiration date at the Police Station; otherwise a penalty fee will be charged.


Documents which you will need to apply for a resident permit are;


ü  Photocopy of the ID and Visa page of your passport

ü  Four passport photos

ü  Official letter from your home Erasmus Coordinator stating your nomination to study at Siirt University

ü  Documents which will be provided by the Erasmus Coordinator at Siirt University for your


Residence Permit application;


ü  1 Letter addressed from the International Office to the Police Station

ü  1 Residency letter from the Students Office

ü  2 Petition form

ü  2 Photo




The official language of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish.  All Erasmus courses are taught in English.  This may vary at the departments of Language.


Traveling By Air


The most popular airports of the Turkish Republic are “Atatürk Airport” (Istanbul) and “Esenboğa Aiport” (Ankara), which are used during connections to Ankara and then to Siirt.  There are connecting flights.  Our national airline is  Turk Hava Yolları (Turkish Airlines).  You can check their website for flight detail and prices


(Turk Hava yolları is only a guide; there are also other airlines which you may prefer)


Traveling by Coach/Bus/Train


You also have the choice of traveling by coach/bus to Siirt from all cities in Turkey.  It takes up to 24 hours from Istanbul to Siirt and 17 hours from Ankara to Siirt. We have also a train Station in Kurtalan District.


Public Transport


The bus fee is very reasonable and is subject to change. 




Not many people use a taxi in the city centre as everything is in walking distance.  A taxi from the airport can cost up to 100 Turkish liras.


Directions to The University From Siirt Airport


Once you have collected your luggage please make your way to the exit where you will see a bus parked outside the airport.  This bus carries passengers to and from the city centre.  Please have 2-3 Turkish Liras (Price subject to change) on you when you arrive as this is the bus fee you will be charged


On-Campus Facilities


 ATM (Ziraat Bank)


 Recreational Activities

On-Campus Computer Centre


The Weather


 Summer in Siirt is generally hot. Winter in Siirt is cold.


Local Cuisine


There are many local dishes in Siirt.  Siirt is very well known for its local variation of the Büryan, İçli Köfte, Perde Pilav, Doner, Kebab


Emergency Telephone Numbers


Ambulance :112

Police :155

Fire Brigade :110


Please note: Try not to arrive on any of these dates or on a weekend as all offices are closed.  Please arrive on a week day and if possible after 8.00 a.m. and before 5.00 p.m. in order for you to pick up your dormitory keys from the Office of International Affairs.



Your First Days At Siirt University


Report to the Office of International Relations on your arrival

Registration for accommodation

Check with your Department Coordinator for your study schedule

Apply for a residence permit at the police station within four weeks of arrival




During orientation you will have an opportunity to meet the personnel of the Office of International Affairs.  All procedures which are stated in this document will be explained to you in detail and if you have any questions regarding any of the procedures this will be a good time to ask.  A tour of the campus and its environs will be given.  Your department may arrange for you to be guided by a buddy when you arrive.


Before Going Home 


Inform your Coordinator and the International Office of your departure date

Leave your correspondence address with your coordinator if you wish for your official transcript to be sent to you, otherwise it will be sent to your Home Institution

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